10 Iconic Behind-The-Scenes Photos Taken From James Cameron's 'Titanic'

Only a handful of people can say they’ve seen #4

Now days, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t seen Titanic. As one of the most iconic films of all time, the James Cameron production wowed audiences across the world with its creative cinematography, tragic love story, and incredible actors. Luckily for us, cameras caught every backstage secret, funny face, and awkward moment on tape. Here are ten of the ‘not so Hollywood’ pictures you’ll be sure to remember.

1. The ax? It’s a good thing it wasn’t actually real.

Playing the role of ‘Rose’ on the set of Titanic, Kate Winslet swung just right on her try … at least in the movie. In real life, she hit Leonardo DiCaprio multiple times on the wrist.

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2. You probably had to think twice.

Kate Winslet’s stunt double in the film was an astonishing look-a-like. Most  would argue the non-famous redhead also deserved an award for all her work.

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3. ‘Mortal danger’ wasn’t really a thing in the movie.

The scenes filmed during the second half of Titanic were shot in a pool that was only knee deep at the most.

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4. Rose was caught forgetting her manners … more than once.

Pretending to be a young and proper 17-year-old, Winslet played the party pretty well. She even remembered to make silly faces in church.

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5. The reason James Cameron made for a fantastic director?

He was a great swimmer. In fact, every time of the major actors was filming in water, Cameron was freezing right there with them.

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6. It was all smoke and mirrors.

The action-packed scene where Leonardo DiCaprio saves Rose from plummeting to her death was filmed at a frightening three feet off the ground. Makes you realize what great actors they really are doesn’t it?

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7. As it turns out, there was room for three.

Well, we’ve known that for a long time. But after this shot, there’s no denying it!

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8. It was an optical illusion.

Clearly, building a 856 foot long steamship was out of the question. Instead, film crew members fashioned much smaller versions that were manipulated to look quite a bit larger on TV.

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9. The make believe passengers really did plummet to their death.

The film reels rolled as people were really falling over the edge. The only catch? There was large inflatable stunt mattresses beneath blown up on the ground below.

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10. James Cameron didn’t make himself scarce.

As the film’s director, he wanted each and every romantic moment to be just right. Although, you have to admit it’s a little less so with him pictured in the shot.

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