10 Adorable Animals That Mate For Life In The Name Of True Love

Now we understand the nickname ‘busy beaver.’

While the divorce rate is currently on the decline, humans are still shuffling in and out of committed relationships. These 10 animals on the other hand, are taking their vows a little more serious. Living till death do them part, they’re showing humans a thing or two about true love. 

#1. Beavers

24 hours after birth, these amazing animals have already learned to swim. Living up to their reputation as ‘busy beavers,’ these animals spend 24 months at home learning to care for a family, build a proper damn, and hunt for the pack. At three-years-old, they pick a mate -for life!

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#2. Bald Eagles

Not only are Bald Eagles the emblem of the American nation, they’re also some of the most romantic birds around. When courting a potential mate, males will put together an elaborate winged performance. Spending their entire lives (usually thirty something odd years) with the same mate, eagles literally live till death do them part.

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#3. Turtledoves

Turtledoves have been symbolic of eternal companionship and love dating all the way back to Shakespearian times. If their mate happens to die, turtledoves will remain alone for the rest of their lives.

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#4. Wolves

Another animal that mates for life, the wolf picks his partner very carefully. Interestingly enough, female widows will remarry after the death of a partner, while males do not. They remain alone the rest of their living outside the pack as the ‘lone wolf.’

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#5. Penguins

Natives of the arctic cold, penguins still manage to create a fiery love for their families. While a few species of the bird mate for life, most penguins remain faithful for a breeding season before going their separate ways. Even so, both parents take turns caring for their incubating egg and share the responsibility of feeding once the baby is born.

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#6. Gibbons

These primates actually resemble the closest thing to a human monogamous relationship than any other animal. Gibbons build an incredible connection with one another and have even been noticed ‘dumping’ a mate for cheating!

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#7. Swans

Some of the most beautiful creatures donning the waters, swans are known for their caring and compassionate demeanor. The graceful birds also mate for life and will remain single if one of them passes.

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#8. Screech Owls

Similar to humans, screech owls usually court their mates before ‘marriage.’ During their twelve months of dating, these birds determine if their methods of nest-building and hunting are a match.

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#9. Albatrosses

Living well into their 50’s, male albatrosses spend at least a year and a half courting their female counterparts. After many traditional mating dances, the gorgeous seabirds enter a forever monogamous relationship, bound to their partners for life.

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#10. Foxes

Interestingly enough, these sly animals have a reputation for being extremely caring and devoted mates in the wild. Foxes will also live life in solitaire after losing a partner.

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